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Triple LED Light Bar Setup Honda Grom

what’s up guys today I wanted to make a quick video talking about my headlight setup I’ve actually got a couple of different comments and people instant messaging me and stuff like that basically asking about it where you buy it and a couple people asking how to wire it so as for the setup […]

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A Look Inside The 1960 Gold Bond Trading Stamp Catalog

We have a look inside the 1960 Gold Bond trading stamp catalog The 1960 Gold Bond trading stamp catalog is a valuable time capsule for collectors of vintage mid-century items and it’s filled with mid-century design inspirations for retro decorators. This one is from my personal catalog collection. I hope you enjoy it. For those […]

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Make Your Kitchen Look 1954 Mid Century Modern

By M. Churchman In this post, we’ll list the most important 1954 mid century modern decor and DIY essentials you can add to your own kitchen to achieve an authentic  look, including a paint color palette that is matched to currently available Prestige brand paint.   So, you want to Make Your Kitchen Look 1954 Mid […]

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Being 1958: Top 5 Mid Mod Decor Essentials

A Guide To 1958 Mid Mod Decor Essentials By D. Churchman It’s been more that half a century since what we currently call mid century modern furniture, decor and design came into style, but it’s as hot and fresh now as it was then. When you think about it, to a large degree we are […]

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Authentic Mid Mod 1961 Peacock Paint Palette Matched To Prestige Brand Paint

An Authentic Mid Century Modern Paint Palette By Marie C. This week’s mid mod paint color palette celebrates the fantastic peacock colors that were a popular trend in both fashion and decor in 1961 (and throughout the 1960s). But first, let’s set the tone: The year is 1961, The Cold War is in full gear […]

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We Created An Authentic 1950s Color Palette Using Modern Sherwin Williams Paint

By Marie C. For as long as I can remember I’ve been in love with mid-century modern design and colors, a love fostered by childhood visits to my grandmother’s coastal California ranch house which was built by my grandfather in the late 1950s. The living room had wonderful, light pink stained wood-paneled walls adorned with […]

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