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Triple LED Light Bar Setup Honda Grom

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what’s up guys today I wanted to make a quick video talking about my headlight setup I’ve actually got a couple of different comments and people instant messaging me and stuff like that basically asking about it where you buy it and a couple people asking how to wire it so as for the setup and where to buy it first off buy it from Amazon or Ebay I’ve seen it on the eBay now but Amazon is the only one I found lately it’s a hundred and five dollars I think it does not come with the turn signals but it comes with the brackets and all three lights for mine it’s just kind of pieced together my zero and twenty five LED light bar and then the two other LED light bars are just basically copies of it that I got off Amazon and in the brackets  ninja 300 fairings i got from a buddy and then the turn signals or TST turn signals so you don’t have to have all this exact stuff but i highly recommend just buying it off Amazon it’s like one hundred and five dollars and it’d be cheaper to do that other than the light bar though you are gonna need one more thing you’re going to need the bracket in the back so the bracket is the headlight bracket for the og Grom if you have an OG Grom you’re fine you have no issues just literally buy this wire it up and you’re done if you have an SF you are gonna have issues so you’re gonna need to buy the og Grum headlight bracket now it’s not very very expensive I believe it’s like 25 bucks 27 something like that the problem is how to install it it’s a very irritating process to install it literally that that’s the hardest thing to install doing this whole entire thing so to install it you have to take off your whole headlight obviously you take off your speedo okay but then you gotta take off all your handlebars and your top triple tree don’t forget to take off your top triple tree you need a 30 millimeter socket a lot of people don’t have that if you don’t have that you can’t do it it’s very irritating the bracket is not bolted in it’s actually got like prongs sticking up out of the top and the bottom and they’re held in by both the brought the bottom and the top triple triple tree yeah I’m saying that right so it’s irritating I’m warning you it’s a very irritating the install process if you don’t know how to work on a bike I probably wouldn’t do this but I’m trying to warn you it took me a while and it was very irritating to install another thing that I want to warn you guys about is the turn signals so the turn signals rtst turn signals they’re actually for an F zo7 so I had them on my FC I upgraded to a different turn signal so they’re kind of weird I don’t know if the Grom TST turns ring this will work you could probably use a thinner turn signal you don’t have to have a turn signal technically you do technically to be legal you do but that’s certainly up to you you do what you want but these are really thick so when I turn the handlebars the turn signals actually hit the fairings on the side it’s not a big deal the fairing just pushes out of the way a little bit and it’s honestly just barely scraping but if I could do it again I try to get some turn signals that were a little thinner now if you’ve made it all the way through that I know you want this thing so it’s gonna work it’s just an irritating process now on to the wiring the wiring is not very very difficult but it’s a little tricky so I’ll try to explain it as basic and as simple as I can and no I’m not taking this apart it took me forever to put together I’m not taking it apart because it would be a disaster of wires and literally I wouldn’t even really be able to show you anything because everything is electrical tape and perfectly put away now for my setup I ran the bottom two as the running light now you don’t have to have two running lights you can have one personally I just wanted to running lights so when you turn on the key they come on so the bottom two are on right now when you want the high beam you flip the switch there’s your high beam you can wire them up however you want but that’s how I have them wired and then you can also turn on your turn signal so there’s the high beam turn signals on you know everything works everything’s on that’s personally how I like it but you don’t have to do it that way you could run them however you want there’s three so it’s kind of an odd number you could run it all kinds of waise now the way that I did it is all the ground wires for all three LED bars are tied in together and they’re grounded to the frame that’s pretty much it just just grind it to the frame find a good ground don’t grind it to the engine or you know a piece of plastic find a good ground grant it to the frame even the battery I didn’t say that you could do the battery now the positive the positive for the running light okay whichever ones you want is the running light the running lights will be on all the time as soon as you turn on the ignition I got a 12 volt ignition bit which is basically just 12 volts of power as soon as you turn the ignition off of the tail light the tail light has a black wire that is in the harness that shoots 12 volts through it when you turn on the ignition obviously when you turn on the bike the tail light comes on so that’s the wire it is a black wire if it’s not a black one on yours I’m kind of confused it should be a black wire but you can always check it with a multimeter now I did not just grab the the 12 volts straight from that and take it to this because I wanted a nice fat wire coming from the battery for a positive so I ran a relay up under the seat hopefully you know what a relay is basically a relay is just kind of like a fancy switch that gets power from another wire sort of kind of it’s kind of confusing watch a video if you don’t know but the 12-volt black wire with the tip from the taillight harness goes into the relay and as soon as you turn it on it opens up the relay or connects the relay and there’s a bet wire coming straight off the battery straight to my bottom two lights so it’s plenty of power it’s an LED so it’s not going to pull that much power but I just wanted to make sure that it was going to be bright and good because obviously it’s gonna be on during you know stops and goes and   motorcycle fairings   I didn’t want to flickering so I just put them straight on a relay and straight to the battery now we know how I did the running lights now as for the high beam you this the exact same way but you would have to get your trigger wire which was that black ignition wire from the taillight harness but you would have to get the wire from whatever switch you wanted whether it was the switch up top or you know a new switch or you could put a switch anyone on the bike it would work but I personally didn’t want to run two loop relays I didn’t have two relays for one but I just thought one led it probably won’t hurt it so I just ran it straight off the wire that comes straight off the switch so the way that I did that is I grabbed the connector and part of the wire like a little length of the wire that comes off of the stock headlight assembly cut that off plugged it in multimeter dit found as soon as it got 12 volts whenever I turned on the bike and everything and hit the high beams
 2006 gsxr 600 fairings  it got 12 volts so that’s kind of how I did it it was not very very difficult I don’t remember what wire it was and the wire is different for me anyways because the switch is different so I really don’t want to tell you guys a certain wire because it could be different so just use a multimeter when you hit your switch that you want to be your high beam and it throws 12 volts that’s your wire now we’ve gone over how I did the running lights and the high beam as for the turn signals the turn signals are literally just plug and play at least for the TST ones you didn’t have to wire them in but you should be able to steep keep your stock connectors so you shouldn’t have any problem there the turn signals should just work just like normal no issues there now you might have to drill a hole through the bracket if you do want the turn signal again try to make sure they’re not too thick because they will hit the fairings video guys that’s pretty much it it’s a pretty simple install process again the hardest thing about this whole entire install process is definitely the headlight bracket from the og Grom to the SF if you have an OG you don’t have to worry about that and it’s a lot more straightforward and a lot easier but again if you do have the SF you’re gonna have to do that you gotta take off the handlebars the triple tree make sure you got that 30 millimeter socket you know there’s there’s a lot that goes into it a lot of wires a lot of cables so that is a little bit of a task to do but it’s definitely doable there’s no problem with that but that’s pretty much it the only other piece of advice that I’ll give you that I just thought about maybe use a little bit of Loctite on these bolts going into the headlight and all that one of the bolts that goes into my second light bar came loose and it was just jiggle all over the place so maybe some Loctite I did I haven’t had any trouble yet so anyways that’s pretty much it if you have any questions leave them down in the comments and I’ll try to answer them as best I can again sorry I didn’t take the whole thing apart but then again if I took the whole thing apart I feel like I would have confused you more than helped you so give me a break this one week and then I’ll be back to normal so anyways I’ll see you guys next week

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