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Man driving in HOV lane had fake ID

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Man driving in HOV lane had fake ID

Pedro Reynoso, 40, of Philadelphia was arrested Friday during a traffic stop on the George Washington Bridge, police said.

Pedro Reynoso, fake id maker online 40, gave the officer his Pennsylvania registration, an insurance card and an international driver’s license during the stop, but the officer determined that the license was fraudulent, fake id he said.

Reynoso was then placed under arrest, Pentangelo said.

Reynoso, who acknowledged possession of the stun gun, was also in possession of a fake Pennsylvania identification card, fake ids Pentangelo said.

The stun gun and the fraudulent documents were seized by police and entered into evidence, he said.

Reynoso was charged with possession of fraudulent documents, unlawful possession of a weapon, driving without a license and failure to observe a traffic sign (HOV lane), fake id reddit Pentangelo said.

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