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Victim’s old high school classmate unexpectedly helps TPD identify armed robbery suspect

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Victim’s old high school classmate unexpectedly helps TPD identify armed robbery suspect

Toledo police say the 22 year old’s attention to detail is the reason detectives have surveillance pictures of an armed robbery suspect to release to the public.

“It was quite a coincidence and hopefully it works out in our favor,” says Detective Kevin Bigenho with the Toledo Police Department.

On Sunday night near Detroit and Fernwood police say two women robbed another woman at gunpoint.

Investigators say it began when the victim 22 year old Tania Parker of Toledo got into a car with her friend known as Miracle from a nightclub.

“She thought that she was going to meet Miracle’s friend and from there they were going to figure out what they were going to do for the rest of the evening,” says Bigenho. “When they got out of the van and when they introduced her, the victim, to D’Rea D’Rea pulled a gun out of her purse and demanded all the victim’s property.”

Parker threw her wallet with $130 in cash and her ID on the ground and ran.

“I think Miracle had probably set this up,” says Bigenho.

Meanwhile, a half hour later and six miles away at the Stop N Go, Cunningham was working a shift behind the counter.

“A young lady walked in, fake id generator she was trying to buy alcohol and she looked really young so I asked her for ID,” says Cunningham. “And I realize it was somebody I went to schools with ID. I told her, ‘This isn’t you.'”

Cunningham didn’t sell to that customer. Police identify her as D’Rea.

Turns out the clerk and the victim had gone to Start High School together.

“After that I contacted her on Facebook and told her some girl came in with her ID and she said she was robbed of her whole wallet with her ID,” says Cunningham. “I felt really bad for her, fake id reddit so it was good to be able to help her out.”

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