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Six people indicted when the fake charity collected

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Six people indicted when the fake charity collected

A Mississippi woman tearfully maintained she didn’t know she was part of an elaborate investment scam Friday before a federal judge sentenced her to two years in prison.

Sylvia Regina Smith could have faced as many as five years in prison after being convicted in January of four counts of wire fraud in federal court in Oklahoma City.

Smith was one of six people indicted in March 2004 for running an Internet based pyramid scheme advertised as a Christian based humanitarian organization between October 2000 and January 2001.

In that time, the venture known as E Biz bilked thousands of investors out of nearly $9 million. fake id generator

Smith’s attorney said she simply got caught up in a bad situation with a “professional con artist E Biz founder Donald A. English.

English was sentenced in May to five years in prison for his role as the ringleader of the scheme, while four others have received probation.

Attorney Danny White said Smith deserved similar punishment.

Smith sobbed as she insisted she was misled by English.

“I’m sincerely sorry about all the money that people lost, she said, noting her sister and some friends were part of that group.

Prosecutors said incarceration was appropriate in Smith’s case, pointing to communications that indicated she had knowledge of the scam.

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