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Siena athletics among best in nation in graduation rate

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Siena athletics among best in nation in graduation rate

Only Columbia and Brown (100%), and Dartmouth, Colgate, Notre Dame and American (99%) surpassed Siena, which was tied with Harvard and Holy Cross for seventh.

The figures were based on students and student athletes who entered college in 2004, the most recent graduating class for which the required six years of information was available. It also broke down the GSR by sport, using a four year class average (2001 2004) called a cohort rate to provide a big enough sample.

The Siena men’s basketball team posted a 90 percent cohort GSR, 22 percent higher than the national average. fake ids The Siena women’s basketball team was graded at 100 percent, 14 percent over the national average.

Fourteen other Siena sports posted 100 percent scores in the GSR.

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