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Articles about School Today

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Articles about School Today

Tougher standards are looming for the report cards compiled by the state and federal governments, a plight that could threaten treasured school grades and lead to new penalties for failure to meet federal reading and math standards. “Without question, we don’t have much time to turn this around,” said John Edwards, associate superintendent of Orange County schools, which had three F high schools when the state handed out grades in June. The Seminole County School Board’s search committee and consultant are scheduled to meet today to agree on a top 10 list. On Monday, the search committee narrowed the field to 19 candidates and hoped to whittle that down to 10 at its Wednesday meeting. Rimes students, who are largely poor and black, will get a better education if they are moved to a new, consolidated elementary school planned to replace three small Leesburg schools, Rimes staff members have agreed. Richardson, a secretary, fake drivers license is a single parent rearing her daughter in Pensacola. Suma, a stay at home mom, lives 1,000 miles away in Cleveland with her husband and their 12 children. The Florida Board of Regents, meeting in Miami, plans to vote this morning on where FAMU can build its new law school, and all indications point toward a parking lot on Hughey Avenue, on the western fringe of downtown Orlando. Owens of The Sentinel Staff, January 19, 2000

The flu outbreak continues, sending students and teachers to sickbeds and causing parents to scramble to find care for their ill children. Umatilla fourth grade teacher Sharon Adgate said the flu bug has bitten her daughter Erin for a second time this season, and she has to skip class herself this week to care for the ailing child. With everybody back to class, fake ids she got it again,” Adgate said.

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